Exhibit Me!

"My work as an artist involves the private silent focus of the studio and the vibrant exchange of ideas shared with others. It can be fraught with uncertainty at times but it is balanced by a harmony of one area of work overlapping in energy and focus with the other"

Artist, Terry O'Farrell

This exhibition looks to break down the traditional confines of how gallery spaces are viewed to make interacting with exhibited art much more stimulating and accessible for children. Conventional galleries are often considered staid – visitors generally view art as voyeurs rather than actively taking part in the artistic process. This summer our Exhibit Me! Exhibition, and accompanying visual arts programme, aims to encourage children to consider art from their own artistic viewpoint while guiding and inspiring their creativity and supporting them as they become exhibiting artists in our gallery space.

Exhibit Me! offers children the opportunity to spend time with professional artist Terry O'Farrell, engage with her work, and, with the artists' guidance create artwork which they can exhibit alongside O'Farrell's work as part of an evolving, ever growing, ever changing exhibition. The theme of family resonates through much of O'Farrell's work and is the core theme for the work created and presented in this exhibition.

Exhibit Me! creates a space for collaboration between curator, artist and child, both within the workshop space and through the evolving exhibition. The work showcased in the gallery will change each week, as hundreds of newly created pieces are added.

This exhibition is curated by Ashleigh Downey, The Ark's Visual Arts Programmer, in collaboration with artist Terry O'Farrell.