Mean Time, Between Failures

A group exhibition of Visual Art by Commonplace Studio Artists

Joanne Boyle, Diana Caramaschi, Niamh Davis, Ashleigh Downey, Ida Mitrani, Eoin Moylan, Sally Timmons, Chanelle Walshe

The term Mean Time Between Failures is defined as - the predicted elapsed time between inherent failures of a system during operation - MTBF applies itself to the life span of hardware parts within a mechanical or digital system. For this exhibition we are assuming a model whereby the failed system is attempting to be part of a renewal process. The various artworks in the exhibition at Commonplace explore the weak links and the effects of both success and failure within the structure of the human system. Assessing how the balance of these two opposing constructs can begin to effect our most basic actions and how it can be repaired into unplanned successes. By doing so, the artists’ work opens up possibilities to discover new significance in failure and success.

Preview: Friday 2nd November 2012
Exhibition runs: 3rd November - 17th November 2012