An exhibition of prints by one of England's most celebrated artists, William Hogarth (1697 – 1764) opens to the public at the Irish Museum of Modern Art on Wednesday 6 June. Comprising some 50 prints from the Madden Arnholz Collection, it includes many of Hogarth's most famous print series such as A Harlot's Progress and Marriage-á-la-Mode. The collection of some 2,000 Old Master prints was donated to the Royal Hospital Kilmainham in 1988 by Claire Madden, in memory of her daughter Étaín, and son-in-law Dr Friedrich Arnholz. Now housed as part of the IMMA Collection, the Madden Arnholz Collection constitutes an important part of the nation's artistic archive.

Curated by Christina Kennedy, Senior Curator: Head of Collections and Ashleigh Downey, Assistant Curator: Collections.