Exhibit Me, Visual Arts summer programme, The Ark


This summer we are going to transform how you interact with an art gallery. Galleries are not just for adult artists - through Exhibit Me! you too have a chance to show your work as an artist!

A lot of people who visit galleries don’t get the chance to actively take part in making the art that ends up on the wall. Exhibit Me! wants you to experience what it means to be a working artist: to think about how an exhibition comes to be, and explore what your family means to you through a variety of materials.

The Exhibit Me! workshop programme offers children the opportunity to spend time with professional artist Terry O’Farrell, engage with her work, and, with the artists’ guidance create artwork which can be exhibited alongside O’Farrell’s work as part of an evolving, ever growing, ever changing exhibition.


In our workshops you will work with artist Terry O’Farrell to create a piece of art.

Each week you can explore a different material with her – clay, plaster, cloth, drawing and mixed-media - and different ways of seeing and working with these materials. Upstairs in our workshop space – your very own artist’s studio – you can jump straight into making work about your family.

Above all, Exhibit Me! is about you being an artist. By creating work that is special to you, you have the freedom to explore your artistic potential.

All participating artists (that’s you!) are invited to display their artworks alongside Terry O’Farrell’s in the accompanying evolving exhibition.

"I love the engagement, the challenge, and the dialogue of working with others. I love leaving the studio and coming back changed by that experience. Like my mantelpiece in the studio that is full of collected ideas … each journey away has a return that is different"

Exhibition Engagement