Earth Explorers

Our world is a constant playground for creativity and nature has always been an important source of inspiration.

Ashleigh Downey - exhibition curator

This exhibition is designed to encourage you to engage with your surroundings, inspire your creative potential, and explore the impact we all have on the world around us. The exhibition includes artworks by 16 artists working in a variety of disciplines and media. Within their individual arts practice each exhibiting artist looks to nature and explores its potential from a number of different viewpoints and creative approaches. Some use found and discarded objects to tell a story; others engage with city life and how humans interact with nature. There are magical pieces that move or make noise, recreating the sounds of the city and presenting the music of the countryside. Imaginary worlds made from natural materials and created on a miniature scale are placed throughout the exhibition, inviting you on a game of hide and seek.

As you move through the exhibition, you will encounter sight, sound, movement and texture. The artworks are placed in an inquisitive manner to encourage you to consider your own surroundings in unique ways and with fresh eyes. The exhibition brings you on a sensory journey that we hope will inspire your own ideas about what the environment means to you.

This exhibition is curated by Ashleigh Downey, The Ark's Visual Arts Programmer